Simple|Customizable|Flexible|Easy Assessments

Technology Driven Assessments For Conducting High Security Tests Online.

Customisable Platform

A Platform which offers you to design assessments in your own unique way.

Flexibility to design Exam

Give your test-takers the liberty to schedule and take their exams from anywhere.

Works on All Devices

Our assessments work across all Mobile & Tablet devices.

Instant Reporting

Our auto-grading feature generates test reports, instantly.


Customize your certification branding and integrate the test platform with your website to maximize your brand visibility.

Distance Learning

Our proctored tests ensure an authentic and reliable assessment delivery.


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Add questions the way you want
  • Manage several question types
  • Randomize questions and answers
  • Assign different scores and feedback messages
  • Add custom instructions and hints
  • Import questions from files (e.g. Access, Excel, etc.)
On-line or printed? no problems
  • Set timers, grades, passwords and privacy options
  • Add your own logo and styles
  • Award custom passing certificates
  • Print on paper with superb-looking layout
  • Manage multiple versions, copies and answer sheets
  • Deliver secure exams
Get results in no time
  • Users can review responses, scores and grades
  • Configure what users are allowed to see
  • View and print real-time results
  • Automatically generate charts and statistics
  • Export answers to Excel, Access, CSV, PDF, etc.

Our Team

  • Satendra Shrivastava Co-Founder
  • Biswajit Chattaraj Co-Founder